Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deadly Typhoon Ondoy Tragedy in the Philippines

The “Ondoy” storm disrupted thousands of people and forced them to leave their homes. The flood smashed everything like an open river. Around 33 villages in Marikina, Muntinlupa, Makati, Pasy and other several areas were flooded. The floodwater reached around 3 to 4 feet and water is all around.
The National Disaster coordinating centre told that around 1800 people evacuated from the Metro Manila and other areas, and countless people are still to be found. The security forces are deployed and they are working hard to help the people to evacuate from the disaster area.
The authorities of NDCC said they were not expecting the flash flood in this area in such a strong and destructive manner.
They also requested to the rail authorities not to stop the operations as there is no other way out from the danger.
Only 75 families or people around 370 were able to evacuate from the Marikina city.
Ondoy hit the disaster area with the speed of around 85 Kph and might have touched the 100 mark.
The flight operations around were also stopped due to poor visibility.
It turned into a great disaster as hundreds of cars were flooded in the capital and nearly 2000 people with more then 145 vehicles were stuck as the postal guards suspended the operations in the ports in several areas of Manila. They are still advised to be alert as bigger wave generation is expected by the weather forecasters.
Although the storm was expected at Signal 1 in Metro Manila, the reports suggested many areas heavily watered, keeping thousands of travelers and people trapped. The roads are reported to be useless due to floodwater in many areas.
The damage done by the flood cannot be calculated yet, but in anticipation it can unfortunately be the lives taking storm.

Ondoy Typhoon in Manila, a sort of tropical storm in which hundreds of people fled from their houses to the neighboring provinces this Saturday in the midst of overnight profound rains. ThisOndoy Typhoon was horrible enough to frighten the people of the region.
According to the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) approximately 1000 passengers have been trapped after authorities perched the little ferries from nautical and numerous domestic flights are cancelled.
The agency reported a sum of 1,800 people, generally from suburban cities of Pasig, Muntinlupa and Marikina deserted their homes near engorged rivers and creeks. The non stop rains also swamped main streets in Manila causing huge traffic jams. NDCC said there are no reported fatalities in the bad climate that is predictable to overcome throughout the weekend.
Nathaniel Cruz, chief interpreter of the weather bureau stated Ketsana made a sighting Saturday morning at the border of the eastern provinces of Aurora and Quezon. Ketsana, with greatest winds of 85 kilometres/hour (kph) next to the centre and blasts of up to 120 kph, was anticipated to be at the locality of the northwestern province of Zambales on Sunday.
This storm is expected to shift towards west, transversely the major island of Luzon, earlier than exiting the country in the early hours of Sunday. An average of 20 typhoons and storms come into the Philippines from the Pacific Ocean over the eastern seaboard yearly.